While the healthcare implications of the Coronavirus have been top of mind from the beginning, the economic repercussions are becoming clear. Many businesses struggled to adapt to an environment defined mainly by COVID-19 and face greater challenges navigating the road ahead.

The crisis impacts virtually every company in every industry, but it is especially challenging for life science manufacturers.

Understandably, this is a stressful time for biopharma executives. However, resilient, focused leadership is vital to navigating these unique circumstances, which means that clarity is key. Here are five priorities that can produce a tangible roadmap for the present and a foundation for the future.

#1 People

As a leader, your top priority is your people. They represent your most important COVID-19 response, making leadership both an immense responsibility and an extreme privilege. During these tumultuous times, employees are looking to you for reassurance and a sense of stability that includes both practical guidance and unusual availability. For instance,

  • Leaders communicate purpose. Your words and actions provide a much-needed sense of meaning. Great leaders will stabilize their organizations by finding purpose amidst the calamity. For life science manufacturers, they don’t need to look any further than their crucial role in the recovery process to establish a profound reason to excel.
  • Leaders express support. Many employees are working in different environments and grappling with additional concerns that are bound to impact their work. Protect your team as much as possible, and support them with clear, consistent, and personal communication.
  • Leaders should model best practices. For the foreseeable future, things like social distancing, wearing a mask in public, and other inconvenient but necessary actions will be the norm. Care for your team by modeling the right behaviors that will keep them safe and healthy.
  • Leaders keep an eye on the future. This crisis won’t last forever, but it will profoundly impact the life sciences for years to come. In some ways, this will require new training and expanded capabilities, while others may need to scale back or reorient their focus. At every point, your primary goal is to foster hope, provide education, and motivate your team.

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