Aerospace & Defense

Meeting the needs of demanding customers requires optimized operations.

Aerospace and defense manufacturing involves some of the most challenging requirements of any industry. Regardless of your position in the supply chain, aerospace and defense contractors must be prepared to operate profitably under the most demanding conditions. Agility is critical in low-volume, high-mix production so common in this industry, while processes must be both capable and stable when product perfection is often a non-negotiable requirement. Myrtle helps optimize the operations of aerospace and defense companies to better meet their customers’ needs, while delivering the expected margin for the program. Transform your operation for better results:

  • Achieve consistent quality, volume, delivery, and cost control with process excellence
  • Build accountability and data-based decision making with management operating systems
  • Help your team improve its capability to quickly adapt to the challenges of the future

“Myrtle was able to help us optimize our operations. They helped us define an optimal production day by the numbers so that we could easily identify and correct below-average performance. This approach has reduced waste and downtime and really improved our bottom line.”


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Myrtle Methodologies deliver sustainable financial results.

Process excellence

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