Our Approach

Our ApproachOur approach lets you transform your operation

Our results are exceptional because our approach to problem-solving is different. Unlike many operations consulting firms that show up with a generic “best practices” list and training manual, Myrtle understands that every client, every challenge and therefore, every solution, is unique.

Our process is built on key best practices and fundamental tenets that are applied with flexibility to each client’s unique project, yet are consistently measured and evaluated for effectiveness.

Our proven, phased approach is designed to drive you from operational variability to consistent improvement by evaluating and addressing your specific challenges. Our approach consists of three phases:

Scoping, Assessment & Project Design and Project & Aftercare

Myrtle helps clients reach operational goals within the context of their operational model more quickly and with better results. Our projects cut millions of dollars in costs while delivering substantial productivity gains. Our team consistently produces a high return on investment as well as substantial improvements. Get started to find out how our unique approach can map your path to operational transformation.