The uniqueness of working with different industries at different times is what intrigues Bianca Davis the most about consulting. Learning skills unbeknownst to her was the foundation of her consulting career at Myrtle Consulting Group. Follow along as she shares her story about how her background in engineering has helped her grow professionally in the consulting business.

Bianca grew up in a small town in Georgia. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Fort Valley State University and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, she started out working in the Energy Industry for Nevada Power and Atlanta Gas Light. She later moved to the Department of Defense with Robins Air Force Base, where she spent more than six years working as an Electronics Engineer, developing code for C-130 aircraft and creating automated process flows for various departments. She reached a pinnacle in her profession where she needed more. She stated:

“I was at a point in my career where I wasn’t getting challenged professionally and felt like I wasn’t growing in my career.”

However, through a career transition into consulting, she was able to continue her lifelong fascination with understanding how things work. She gets a sense of satisfaction from observing the behind the scenes processes that go into making the products that we get to see in the different industries we support.  She stated, “As a consultant, we get to work in different industries although there are some aspects that are the same, there is always something unique about each place we go, and there are always things to learn. Each location has an element of individuality about them, whether it be the product they are making, the people who make it, or the problem we are there to fix.”

Just as there are industry challenges, here are also challenges with being a woman in operations consulting. Bianca has worked in mostly male-dominated industries, which led her to have to prove herself a little more than her male counterparts.  She knew breaking barriers early on was crucial to being able to lead change as a woman in a male-dominated field. “I first must break the barrier that I am old enough to do this job, and then I must break the barrier that I am qualified to do this job.” She adds.

She is extremely grateful for the people of Myrtle in her career growth and advancement. “The atmosphere at Myrtle has been like no other. I came to Myrtle during some of the formative years and have had the honor of seeing it grow to where it is now. When I first started, there were not any women consultants at the company. It has been great to see the number of women grow over the years. Working at Myrtle has been an avenue for me to explore different industries and cultures without changing employers. Traveling on both domestic and international assignments allowed me to enjoy many different places and cultures.” She says.

During her five years at Myrtle Consulting Group, her knowledge and expertise have made an enormous impact on welcome success in various consumer goods and chemical industry projects. She is also part of several Community of Practice groups within Myrtle to include: Rapid Application Development (RAD) with Operomics, Supply Chain and Digital Transformation. She is a published author of a white paper titled – Ingredient Optimization Helps Food & Beverage Manufacturers Boost the Bottom Line which was featured in Food Online Magazine. Her consulting journey has been both successful and fulfilling. Bianca’s suggestion for future women in consulting is –

 “Be confident in who you are and enjoy what consulting has to offer. A career in consulting is a great experience, where you have the opportunity to work in various industries and encounter people who can impact your life.”