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Why Consider a Career With Accenture Company Myrtle Consulting?

Leading Change for a Sustainable Future

We adopt a hands-on approach to every client project and ensure strategic, collaborative, results-focused engagement. We’re problem solvers and creative thinkers who challenge ourselves to consistently exceed expectations.

Since our inception, we’ve advised organizations across the world with insight on how to grow, transform, and sustain positive change. At the heart of this guidance is our dedicated team of talented professionals. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, we invite you to stay connected.

Myrtle Gives Back Day at the Houston Food Bank

Myrtle Gives Back Day at Houston Food Bank

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Company Meeting in Jamaica
Company meeting in Jamaica

Culture is to an organization what the spirit is to the human body: the set of vibes and emotions that are its heartbeat.

Edwin Bosso


Helping others succeed in reaching their goals motivates me, and consulting with Myrtle is all about helping others achieve their goals.

The most rewarding experience is when clients look at the remarkable results they have achieved, that they never thought were possible. Making the impossible possible and an everyday reality is genuinely fulfilling.

Suzanne Kwok

- Technical Manager

It is really important for me to surround myself with open-minded people and to work for an inclusive company. I’m grateful to Myrtle Consulting for being so warm and welcoming. Your contribution to the company’s success and the teamwork needed to get the work done is what matters.

I enjoy being a part of a team of extremely skilled, intelligent and hardworking people. I have learned more best practices from them since joining the team than I have in my whole career. I count this as one of my rewarding experiences while working in this company.

Sara Wahls

- Business Development Associate

Having the ability to learn from so many new sources makes every day at work unique and exciting. The experiences gained at work have helped me enhance my knowledge and have substantially driven my professional growth.

I am so thankful to be part of a company with so many intelligent, hardworking individuals and to be immersed in such a concentrated group of talent!

Dana Kelunick

- Senior Consultant

People and culture. In a world of many companies who say they do the same thing, these two separate us from the pack.

Chuck Stewart

- Business Development Executive

The success of the company, in my opinion, is based in the richness of staff, and the diversity of the experience that each one brings to the table.

Diana Terrazas

- Associate Consultant

I believe in hard work, tenacity; all the things I believe are really imbedded in the values and contribute to the culture we [Myrtle Consulting Group] are trying to create.

Sharlene Evans

- Chief People Officer

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