We are in the heat of summer and learning more about the role of Myrtle Consulting Technical Manager, Suzanne Kwok, and how she enjoys the season.

What is your role at Myrtle Consulting and what do you like most?

I am a Technical Manager at Myrtle Consulting Group, and what I enjoy most is my role is ‘transformational change’.  I’ve had the great fortune to contribute and lead projects that went far beyond continuous improvement to change the paradigm and the overarching way in which companies and its people operate. Most people understand that transformational change requires a lot of effort and resources, but the most challenging part about the process is that it comes with a lot of doubt and anxiety and requires a lot of courage.

What did you do before consulting?

I’ve had the privilege of having a lot of great experiences, from running a non-profit to growing through the ranks at one of the largest food and beverage companies. This has afforded me a broad background in different industries, companies of varying sizes and various roles. 

What drew you to consulting?

Helping others succeed in reaching their goals motivates me, and consulting with Myrtle is all about helping others achieve their goals.

What is the most rewarding experience or the most interesting project you have had while working at Myrtle Consulting?

The most rewarding experience is when clients look at the remarkable results they have achieved, that they never thought were possible. Making the impossible possible and an everyday reality is genuinely fulfilling.

At the beginning of one client engagement, I remember the client believed that the results we were striving for would be impossible.  By the end of the engagement, the results doubled what we initially expected. The people were engaged, and the organization was more stable than before.

It’s summer! What were your summer highlights growing up?

I grew up in coastal British Columbia and spent a lot of time in Washington with family.  Summers were always filled with nature, from hiking to kayaking to biking. 

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What activities do you typically look forward to in the summer?

Outdoor festivals! In these times, however, I look forward to outdoor activities or reading.

I think I end up working more hours in this quarantine. Attending more zoom happy hours have kept me energized. I am also learning to bake sourdough bread, and it has been a success so far.

What is your favorite summer treat?

Ice Cream Burrito! It is ice cream sprinkled in fruit loops and wrapped in cotton candy.  I wish it was a bit sweeter. 

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Bio: Suzanne has over 10 years of experience in supply chain management, manufacturing operations and finance. She specializes in Process and Change Management, Operational Efficiency, and Financial Analytics, tools and techniques to achieve sustainable financial results and operational excellence across entire supply chains. Suzanne has been a part of and led many successful operational transformation projects delivering measuring results in various industries including specialty chemical, life-sciences, consumer goods, food and beverage and distribution and logistics.