Digital Enablement

Successfully embedding a digital-first discipline throughout an organization ultimately creates new possibilities for growth. The companies leading the way are the ones using digital technology to drive innovation, streamline their work processes, adopt strategic business models and deliver engaging new customer experiences.

Myrtle Consulting Group aims to understand where a business is in its digital transformation journey and where it needs to go to drive and sustain success; Myrtle identifies solutions that could improve operational efficiency through a combination of technology and management methodology.

Operational Standardization

At the core of every business are people and machine assets. People utilize their time to process tasks, whereas machines process raw materials. The combined effort of these two tasks determines the operational performance in managing resources. Standardizing the tasks enables visibility into time accounting, costs and effectiveness for tasks performed.

Businesses that are equipped with standardized processes by creating integral data points and complementing the operating model with a Management Operating System (MOS) are taking the first step in successfully optimizing operations management. Myrtle offers a variety of process design and implementation services, management operating systems and reporting structures, and digital applications for visual processes and systems to enable both people and assets to perform tasks aligned with business objectives.

Digital Workforce Enablement

Every workforce requires the use of tools – whether mechanical, electrical, literary, intellectual or methodical – to execute their work. Workforce enablement transfers the best of the tools that people require into digital platforms for task management, process measurement and process performance. Whether needs are focused on process time accounting, downtime tracking, task list execution or visual controls, Myrtle Consulting implements solutions for work processes leveraging state of the art digital enablers for people-driven activities.

Digital Management Operating System

Work and asset processes require people to make decisions from the information collected. Digital Management Operating systems enable businesses to virtually see the operational performance of workers and assets from any location with an internet connection. Whether it’s required real-time information, or frequency-based reports to align with a given meeting cadence, Myrtle offers solutions for digitizing information to optimize remote meetings, information flows, alerts of reported information and collaboration efforts of working teams and departments to drive operational performance.

IT and OT Digital Reporting & Workflows

As businesses mature, many implement monitoring instruments and systems to provide visibility into their asset performance. Information Technology and Operations Technology (IT/OT) sensing enables the ability for predictive analytics, digital operational dashboards and advanced troubleshooting analytics for processing assets. With this large data set of information reporting at high frequency, the need for advanced visual interface platforms and information workflow systems becomes a necessity to optimize operational performance. Myrtle offers solutions that leverage all of the available combination of IT/OT information with work-process information, resulting in integrated management operating systems. This provides management teams and the full workforce with digital dashboards for real-time performance monitoring for use in the organization’s Digital Management Operating system.

Digital Application Connectivity

Many businesses utilize multiple digital platforms to perform work processes and store information. Integrating the information within these multiple systems gives insight into the business and significantly improves the efficiency of resources. Myrtle provides service offerings to bring together the information contained within multiple task management applications, data historians and other information files contained on an organization’s server(s). This provides the entire workforce with one access point to perform advanced business analytics.

Enterprise Optimization

For organizations with more than one location, the ability to benchmark performance and provide forecasting and analytical insights becomes possible with enterprise integration. Whether the need involves integration, analytics or forecasting capabilities for administration or production, maintenance, technical or supporting teams, Myrtle solves for this complexity by providing support in the utilization and optimization of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application or an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application.


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