Inefficient Supply Chains

Supply chains are the lifeblood of businesses and organizations. Without reliable, efficient and cost-effective supply chains, companies quickly become exposed to competitive threats, customer attrition and unmanageable overhead and operational costs.

In today’s hyper-connected world, supply chains are also dependent on marketplace forces that can be profoundly impacted by digital disruptions, economic swings, regulatory changes and even global healthcare concerns such as pandemics and environmental factors. Despite these challenges, the expectations of consumers have never been higher as they demand that products and services be delivered on time and without interruption.

Myrtle Consulting Group takes a holistic view of clients’ supply chains. This approach enables us to stay ahead of the curve with respect to specific initiatives related to growth, resilience, talent management, managing in fast-evolving markets and customer needs.

Supply Chain Strategy & Integrated Business Planning

Myrtle Consulting’s supply chain approach enables us to support clients’ specific transformation initiatives by breaking down functional and divisional silos and streamlining their planning processes in order to drive value. This typically results in significant cost and risk reduction in addition to customer outcomes that translate to improved market share, revenue and margins.

Sales & Operations Planning

Clients often need assistance when they are at a point where the creative tension between the sales and operations functions is at a breaking point. The drivers in recent times include increased demand from new contract wins, capacity constraints that are significantly higher than expected, notices from customers that a supply contract is at risk, challenges with deciphering their demand signal, and a disconnect between dollar forecasts and SKU forecasts.

Supply Chain Operations & Execution

The area of supply chain operations and execution is the bulk of what leaders see, feel and hear when they talk about their supply chains. Their teams plan to meet customer needs and growth expectations, which in turn drives requirements for investment in raw materials and packaging, production components, and real estate such as warehouses, plants and equipment. Cash must be managed, even in times of relatively low borrowing costs, which drives a need to compress the cash-to-cash cycle. Successfully shipping the product does not end the process. There is the possibility of reverse flows to contend with and to manage, the impact of promotions and discounts on sales volumes to account for, supplier performance to manage and receivables and payables to manage.

Supply Chain Enabling Technologies

Myrtle Consulting Group focuses on the processes and people capabilities that enable businesses to effectively leverage the best opportunities offered by their technology applications. Clients typically operate in Tier 1, 2 or 3 application environments with various interfaces, and we have had successes in all our engagements in being able to secure the data required to support the client teams’ decision making.

Myrtle Consulting’s Procure 360 Service

The critical key elements driving your overall procurement spend are ever changing. Whether its market conditions, sales forecasts, customer demand, supplier relationships, new product development, employee negotiation training, or changes in your overall supply chain and how procured materials are moved and stored.  Myrtle Consulting’s Procure 360 Service provides a proven holistic approach to evaluating, addressing and ensuring that both your direct and indirect spend is fully optimized and that your organization is set with a sustainable operating model that will support you now and as future changes arise. 

Start realizing sustainable improvements today!