Organizational Design & Leadership

Effectively managing the people behind a business is a complex process. To stay agile in today’s ever-changing business world, leaders must cultivate an environment built for high performance, have the tools and knowledge to handle major internal changes and successfully secure top talent.

Myrtle Consulting Group’s People and Organization Practice has capabilities in three key specialty areas: Organization Design and Implementation, Organizational Capability and Organizational Change Management. In each of these specialties, solutions are tailored to specific client needs.

Organization Design and Implementation

Organization Design and Implementation is the process of building an organizational framework that maximizes the efficiency, effectiveness and value delivery of an organization. It ensures the ability to pursue its mission and achieve its strategic goals to actualize its vision.

Leveraging our approach to organizational design and implementation, we conduct an organization assessment, facilitate organization design, improve role clarity, facilitate talent assessment and provide a robust process for implementation of improvements. This holistic approach ensures that our clients have the right structure, integration, resources and utilization of those resources to gain maximum value.

Organizational Change Management

Through our Organizational Change Management capability, we help organizations move from their current state to their desired future state to increase effectiveness. We engage our clients in the process of planning organizational change to help them find new or improved ways of using resources and the capabilities to improve performance and create value.

Our organizational change management offerings include change readiness, leadership and stakeholder engagement and organizational communication strategy. We leverage our capability in these areas synergistically to help organizations achieve and sustain the desired change.

Organizational Capability

Organizational Capability ensures that leadership vision cascades throughout the organization and is executed by capable leaders and aligned teams. Our organizational capability solution offers advanced experiential leadership and engagement training for senior and mid-level leaders, core competency development and foundational training for front-line leaders, and cross-functional performance assessment to ensure horizontal and lateral alignment between leadership and operational teams. Our leadership experts provide individual coaching and two, well-established training programs, LDEx™ and Shop Floor, to create a culture of performance.

LDEx – Leadership Experience

LDEx is a specialized Leadership Effectiveness solution to enhance the performance of top-tier leaders through a facilitated journey of engagement, alignment and development. LDEx is designed to improve leaders’ ability to develop and coach employees, formulate strategies to address organizational challenges, galvanize resources to implement strategic solutions and cascade effective communications. Utilizing a customized, immersive process of advanced theory, instruction and practice, LDEx strengthens leaders’ ability to identify the case for change and articulate it as a motivational platform. The program transforms participants into leaders who inspire and direct their organizations more effectively which creates outputs at three levels: team, organizational and personal.

LDEx focuses on building skills in three essential areas:

  • Advanced Management Operating Systems (MOS)
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Organizational Change Management

Shop Floor & Managerial Development

Shop floor leaders and managers can play a critical role in identifying problems and opportunities to increase the productivity, safety and quality of the entire workforce at the process level. Yet, these managers are often underutilized due to the lack of systematic training in schedule control, variance management, planning, root cause analysis and effective meeting management. Myrtle Consulting’s Shop Floor Program helps these managers utilize previously acquired equipment-process knowledge to challenge, lead, plan, negotiate and manage in a leaner, more cost-effective way.

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