Strategic Initiatives

Business is dynamic and strategic shifts are essential to growth. As such, planning and reacting to changes at the competitive, industry and economic levels all shape the success of a business. From planned mergers, acquisitions and capital investments to emerging situations and crises, leaders need a team on their side to help navigate critical shifts in their business model.

Myrtle Consulting Group partners with clients to manage unplanned disruption and to capitalize on market opportunities tied to strategic initiatives.

Capital Project Management

The life cycle of a capital project can be as short as a few months or last for many years. Many approved projects are executed with significant variance or do not perform as desired, causing substantial financial loss. On the flip side, many projects are turned away that potentially could have yielded significant ROI. To maximize the performance, Myrtle Consulting deploys an integrated stage-gate system to help clients identify, evaluate and execute the highest value projects with controlled expenditure in their capital portfolio. Utilizing robust processes, systems and training programs, Myrtle’s capital management approach has allowed our clients to reduce their 5-year capital costs while executing sustaining projects and successfully leveraging innovation opportunities.

Operational Readiness

All businesses suffer from external and internal forces, which, at some point, disrupt its normal business cycle. Recovering from these upsets has significant impacts on financial and operational performance moving forward. Myrtle provides operational readiness services to assist clients through a variety of scenarios, including starting up after a major maintenance shutdown, stabilizing after organizational restructuring and cost-cutting, recovering from an environmental impact, or commissioning a new major asset or plant. Our focus is on preparation for change, mitigating and controlling risks, and putting businesses back into a state of excellence.

Operational Due Diligence

Operational due diligence is perhaps the most important aspect of value creation for Private Equity (PE) clients. Myrtle partners with PE firms to ensure they are making the best decisions and identifying each deal’s full potential. Myrtle’s operational due diligence approach helps PE clients identify risks and opportunities in their end-to-end supply chain and operations and then creates an actionable road map for operational improvement. Myrtle’s approach includes pre-acquisition diligence, post-acquisition integration and value-capture implementations. Our firm leverages proven methodologies and advanced data-analytic methods to deliver the greatest value to customers and other stakeholders at the lowest cost.

Risk Management & Crisis Management

Anticipating and managing risk is an integral part of a successful operations strategy. The increasing globalization of markets drives the importance of supply chain resilience to critical levels, similar to cash flow, customer service and profitability. Forward-looking leaders understand that investments in risk-mitigating strategies provide safer access to incremental profits. Myrtle helps clients proactively identify and prioritize risks associated with their core and extended supply chains, workforce and other key operational functions. During times of crisis, Myrtle works with clients to move from a reactive to a proactive approach. We design models to understand the impact of the disruption, build management operating systems to facilitate decisions, provide operational stability to maximize efficiencies, and implement holistic procurement strategies to manage costs.

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