Empower your operation with enhanced visibility and insight

Growing regulatory pressures, eroding margins and the increasing pressure to commoditize are driving chemical companies to maximize their visibility and understand demand. Absolute precision in everything from product formulation to demand forecasting can mean the difference between thriving and failing.

Transform your operation for better results:

  • Use analytics to rationalize industrial footprints
  • Leverage machine learning to optimize customer segmentation and pricing
  • Increase visibility into your operation to easily identify inefficiencies
  • Reduce downtime associated with product changeovers and shift transitions

“Myrtle saved us approximately $2.5 million in unnecessary costs by helping us overhaul our demand planning process. That was in year one alone. The investment in Myrtle was among the best we’ve ever made.”

Chief Operations Officer,
Global Chemical Company

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See how we helped this global chemical company find $2.4M of incremental margin.

Myrtle solutions deliver sustainable financial results.


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