Construction & Utilities

Make optimal performance your daily standard

The construction and utilities industries face a variety of challenges due to the complex nature of their business. Planning, communication, training, execution, organization and operational processes are all critical to success.

Large commercial construction projects involve multi-layer organizations and specialized workforces that can number in the thousands, complex engineering designs, and potentially billions of dollars of investment. Myrtle Consulting Group supports all phases of engineering, procurement and construction projects, helping clients meet the challenges of a highly competitive and demanding industry.

Organizations within the utilities sector – whether it be water, gas, electricity, hydropower or telecommunications – are under pressure to maintain a competitive edge and transition to a more sustainable model. They rely on high productivity in the field, require top-notch safety practices and a robust organizational structure to maintain workflow and communication. Our experienced energy and utilities consultants can help take your organization to the next level by driving productivity and improving operational efficiencies.

Transform your operation for better results:

  • Develop and implement safety tools and processes
  • Evaluate your processes for inefficiency and optimize them to reduce waste, loss and errors
  • Stabilize, manage and optimize your supply chain network to reduce cost
  • Achieve organizational effectiveness that ensures better communication and optimal performance from the field to upper management
  • Transition the organization to a modernized approach while maintaining cost efficiency

“In the midst of unimaginable complexity, Myrtle helped us build fail-safe processes and taught us to leverage KPIs to make data-based decisions. This has resulted in better collaboration, fewer delays and reduced costs. We see the benefits of our new management operating system every day.”

Construction Supervisor,
Major U.S. Builder

Gain enhanced visibility into your operation today.