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Market instability, volatile supply chains and constant line changes are just some of the challenges that Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers face. Let Myrtle Consulting Group help you apply best-practice solutions to tackle your specific problems and empower your team with sustainable results.

Transform your operation for better results:

  • Maximize every asset in your plant, from people to machines to processes with tailored solutions like Centerline

  • Avoid safety breaches that can damage profitability and brand

  • Maximize legacy brands’ profitability for investment in innovative products

“With dozens of locations, poor communication and lots of turnover, our operation was fraught with inconsistency. Myrtle helped us establish a foundational management operating system to deliver consistency and achieve true operational excellence.”

Operations Director,
Multi-Million-Dollar CPG Manufacturer

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See how we helped this Global Manufacturer achieve a 44% reduction in changeovers in just 12 weeks.

See how we helped this global dairy producer achieve $20 million in annualized savings.

Lipari Foods reduces waste by 62% with integrated Management Operating Systems

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