The COVID-19 pandemic that enveloped our world this past year has changed almost everything, including the way we live, work and play. Even now, a full year after the pandemic hit, things are still unsettled.

COVID-19 has not just changed the way that people work, but it has possibly forever changed where they work. Drive past a high-rise office building in any large city, and you will most likely see … nothing. Most of the employees who worked in cubicles and offices in these buildings are still working remotely because of the pandemic.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, less than 10% of the American workforce worked remotely before COVID-19. Care to guess what that number changed to after the pandemic began? Try a staggering 64%.

This increase means that a large number of employees have had to adapt to working remotely. But how did they do it, and what challenges did the move to a remote work environment present?

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