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As the world changes around us, businesses must adapt in order to thrive. Embracing transformation and leading organizational change is vital to helping your company stay ahead of shifts in innovation, competition and broad economic and marketplace forces.

Setting Expectations, Steering the Course: How and Why to Measure the Financial Benefits of Business Transformation

Money is the universal language of business. While business transformations can be triggered by many factors, a common thread is the need (or wish) to make the organization financially healthier. In fact, a well-structured transformation should be funded with a portion of the benefits that the program is set to generate. And there is no way of knowing what those benefits are without effective financial tracking.

Download this guide to learn a practical method for tracking the benefits of a transformation program and concepts that can further the understanding of financial tracking to improve an organization’s financial sophistication beyond the transformation program itself.

Answering the Call to Act: Setting the Stage for a Successful Business Transformation

 As organizations move more quickly to transform their operations, and even entire business models, the stakes increase for establishing the correct scope for change. Studies show that nearly one in four leaders are concerned about setting the proper scope and almost 20% worry they are not doing enough currently.

Download our eGuide and learn how to set your business on the path to achieving powerful and effective change.

TRANSFORMATION 2021: What’s Blocking Change and How to Overcome the Obstacles

In July 2020, Chief Executive Group and Myrtle Consulting Group partnered to survey more than 300 CEOs and C-Suite executives on how they were preparing for the road ahead. This report presents study findings, along with actions leaders can take today to create sustainable organizational change and overcome some of the trickiest leadership challenges we all face.

6,000 Dreams

6,000 Dreams is brimming with proven strategies for successfully launching and managing operational change.

Adaption is vital to success.

For any business to survive—and thrive—the ability to manage change and successfully transform your organization is paramount to the long-term viability of the enterprise.

It’s Edwin Bosso’s inquisitive mindset that sets 6,000 Dreams into motion, challenging leaders to do the hard work of introspection to discover the truth that lies beneath the noise and facade of their current predicament. This work includes the need to examine the organization’s behavior, culture and reputation – the basis of its true soul – in order to set the stage for lasting transformation.

The transformation journey focuses on optimizing a business’ organizational framework and ensures that leaders and team members alike are measuring the right metrics for lasting success.

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“A well-defined and well-executed transformation can alter the culture of an organization in ways that materialize the vision of the leaders.”

-Edwin Bosso

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While change management has always been a broad topic of discussion amongst leaders, Edwin Bosso has been living and working in the transformation trenches for 25 years.

His international experiences have afforded him the ability to understand people on a much deeper level. As founder and CEO of Myrtle Consulting Group, Edwin knows that business solutions transform not just companies but also entire industries and society as a whole.

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