As the assets within the mining industry increase in value and reliance on optimal operability is key to successful production, it is more important than ever to ensure a proper maintenance and reliability programme that will maximise operating efficiency and effectiveness.

The next challenge becomes how to trim down these maintenance costs in order to sustain that optimal production level without decreasing profits.

Here are a few methods for minimising maintenance costs by working strategically to
avoid negative effects on production.

  1. Integrated planning and scheduling
    Many environments perform some level of planning and scheduling. Often these terms are used interchangeably, which lessens their impact. Planning without scheduling puts the plan at risk, as the tools, personnel, equipment and other assets are not available when the plan is put into action. Scheduling without planning ensures the equipment is available, but does not ensure that the scope of work, tool lists, required drawings, components and personnel necessary to complete the task are readily available. Properly combining these two activities will ensure that downtime is minimised and allow the organisation to optimise uptime by properly maintaining these assets at opportune times.

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