Management Operating System

Management Operating SystemFor better decisions and increased profitability

A well-designed Management Operating System (MOS) is the lifeline of any successful organization. A proper MOS builds performance standards, with a set of tools, meetings, and behaviors to specify how an organization translates corporate goals into actions to deliver better outcomes. Without a structured, customized, and measurable MOS, businesses often fail to make headway in terms of revenue and profit and find that performance is inefficient with excess waste in terms of time, materials, and resources. Broken management systems result in a lack of accountability, misinformed assumptions about operations, a dearth of meaningful operational metrics, and inconsistent employee engagement. With a vigorous system of controls, actions, and communication, frontline leaders can clarify objectives throughout the entire enterprise, so all operations are translating goals into positive action. The revitalized MOS from that time on becomes an ongoing process of accountability, utilization of KPIs for decision making/management, and effective meetings with clear objectives.

If your organization is teetering on the brink of profitability decline, Myrtle has the answer.

  • Thorough AVS: We offer a thorough, in-depth analysis and assessment to identify unique performance gaps and remove ineffectual actions within the client organization. These range in commitment and scope, typically from four to six weeks in duration.
  • Define KPIs: Defining right KPIs and targets follow the AVS by building an effective plan that aligns with your organization strategy and establishes clear links with the overall performance of your business.
  • Coaching and mentoring: Myrtle coaches client personnel to find root cause behaviors and provide a solid foundation for better performance across all KPIs.
  • Advance MOS strategy deployment: Our team designs and implements a cascading and closed-loop key measurement and management system, which profoundly improves operations and strengthens performance. We deploy a MOS that will break through current barriers into an elevated standard of performance.

Myrtle covers all critical elements of MOS from the frontline to the board room, leaving behind a positive corporate cultural impact, improved standard work operations, a successful planning and scheduling integration, a more responsive and prepared maintenance team, and operations with significantly improved start-up times, efficiency, and product throughput.