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Myrtle Consulting Group is comprised of thought leaders with deep experience in managing some of the most complex industry issues today.  Below is a selection of articles and recent news coverage that showcase Myrtle’s individual and organizational expertise.

Infographic: 6 Steps to Implementing Centerline in Your Organization

People are at the heart of any successful organization, but when production equipment isn’t operating as expected, employees can only do so much. And while every manufacturing company may be different regarding its processes, systems, people and equipment, there is one tool that can help them all operate more efficiently —Centerlining.

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Transformation Management: 5 Steps to Getting Employees on Board

4 Ways to Measure Transformational Growth

Once a business undergoes a transformation, it is set on a path for growth. The ability to measure that growth improves an organization’s probability of success. CEO Edwin Bosso shares four important measurements to help leaders keep their pulse on transformational growth

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