Just because a company is surviving the pandemic doesn’t mean that it is doing things the right way.

Supply chains are at the heart of every manufacturing company in the world. And, that world has been disrupted with the pandemic that has shifted supply and demand at staggering levels.

No one knew the pandemic was coming, just like no one knows when it will “end.” Supply chain leaders worldwide are challenged with navigating through the pandemic and beyond to keep their operations running, and more importantly, to make them profitable. The game has decidedly shifted from wanting to win to keeping the business running for most companies.

If you ask 10 leaders to predict the future of supply chains, you will most likely get 10 different answers. Everyone looks at supply chains through their own lens. A company’s area of specialization is going to influence that leader’s supply chain focus. The reason there are varied answers to the future of supply chain is because that answer is specific to a company’s size, industry, geographical location, business strategy and leadership.

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