June is Pride Month and we are taking this opportunity to celebrate one of our Business Development associates, Sara Wahls.

It’s Pride Month! What does Pride Month mean to you?

Gay Pride Month means that I’m OK, you’re OK.  There is no greater gift you can give a person than to say, ‘I love you for being your authentic self.  I want you to be exactly who you are and feel good about it.  This is a safe space to be yourself.’

There are typically large events and parades throughout the month to celebrate. How will you celebrate in the “new normal”?

Usually, we go downtown for Pride Day with employees from my partner, Kim’s company. We march through the streets of Denver, handing out rainbow-colored wrist bands, singing and dancing as the crowds cheer us on. I’m grateful to live in a place where it’s OK to be who we are.  

We will miss the parade this year, but I’m sure we will find ways to participate in Gay Pride Month through social media instead, and provide donations to the human rights campaign and One Colorado, as we are very conscious about not spreading the virus. We just participated in an online event related to the timely Supreme Court ruling of the protection LGBTQ workers from discrimination in the workplace.

Myrtle Consulting promotes a culture of diversity and equality. How important is that to you?

It is really important for me to surround myself with open-minded people and to work for an inclusive company. I’m grateful to Myrtle Consulting for being so warm and welcoming. Your contribution to the company’s success and the teamwork needed to get the work done is what matters.

I am equally grateful to be surrounded with open-minded family and friends. Growing up, my parents were reserved, but changed tremendously over the years. Both of my parents remarried into different cultures; my father married an Italian woman who lived in Venezuela for 26 years, my mother married a man from Lebanon and they all have immigrated to the United States. My sister converted to Judaism and our adopted surrogate parents are African American, so I have been introduced to various cultures and we all have learned to respect and appreciate each other.

What has been your favorite place to travel to?

My favorite place to travel is Kauai, Hawaii.  I love to be able to sit at the beach reading a book to relax, go hiking in the mountains or take a walk on a sandy cliff looking out over the ocean.  Rome and Spain were also magical places with the sightseeing, outdoor restaurants and opportunities to practice Italian and Spanish.

What do you like the most about your role as a Business Development Associate?

The Business Development Associate role is the perfect use of my skills, knowledge and abilities. It has always been my nature to be empathetic, to help others solve problems, to manage a lot of data and to do detective work. This position has allowed me to quickly see the results of my efforts and really make a contribution.

I enjoy being a part of a team of extremely skilled, intelligent and hardworking people. I have learned more best practices from them since joining the team than I have in my whole career. I count this as one of my rewarding experiences while working in this company.

What has been your most challenging project at Myrtle? What did you learn from that?

In my role, I am focused on introducing C and SVP level executives of Chemical and Oil & Gas companies to our Chemical and Oil & Gas Sector. The most challenging project was working to refresh Myrtle Consulting’s Chemical and Oil & Gas Practice. The project involved a lot of research, emails, phone calls, social media connections and tapping into client relationships and success stories. In the process, I learned a ton about the Chemical and Oil & Gas industries, as well as the importance of finding ways to connect with prospective clients to share Myrtle Consulting’s past successes in helping industry peers.

How do you define success?

My mentors have taught me that “Successful people are not afraid to share their knowledge with others; it is important to be welcoming, loving and giving to peers and not to be afraid that others will be better than you if they learn from you and use your methodologies.” I like connecting with people and helping them to achieve their goals. If I can make a positive impact on someone during my day, then I feel good about it.

I’m also a check-list person, so being able to look back at my day and see all that I accomplished is important to me.

Sara Wahls biography: Sara is a top-performing Inside Sales/Business Development Associate with over 20 years of experience in driving revenue growth by executing proven, best-in-class lead generation practices. She is an expert in telephone, email and social media communication to drive prospect engagement. She has cross-industry experience creating business transformation, operational excellence and business process optimization consulting opportunities in chemicals, oil & gas, life sciences, consumer products, food and beverage, healthcare, insurance and financial services. Sara has a bachelor’s degree in Business & Psychology from Albright College and her technical skills lie in Microsoft Office Suite & Office 365, Windows, iOs, SalesForce, Sugar CRM, ACT CRM and Hubspot. She is also recently started Stephen Ministry training so that she can volunteer to accompany those who are facing some crisis in life, such as illness, death of a loved one, divorce, relocation, or financial setback.