Project & Aftercare

Myrtle is insistent that the results we help deliver are long-term and sustainable by your operations team long after we have left the building. For this reason, we work to establish long-term sustainability of operational improvement through four interdependent mechanisms: employee engagement, leadership development, management cadence and post-project support.

Because most manufacturers face a number of challenges, Myrtle’s proposed scope of work may range vastly, from strategic overhaul to tactical implementation.

The Intervention
This is a short, highly intense deployment that addresses a specific challenge in your operation. With a duration of four – eight weeks, this project focuses on an identified problem and works with your employees until targets are met.

The Transition
The Transition is designed for situations where deep reaching and sustained changes are needed in a specific area. During the transition deployment, which is normally 16 weeks, Myrtle consultants will work alongside your employees to diagnose issues and design appropriate solutions. Skills are transferred as solutions are implemented, problems are resolved and expected results are realized.

The Transformation
When the scope includes more than one plant function, we recommend the Transformation. This deployment option is appropriate for plants wrestling with deeply engrained issues, for recently acquired operations that need to fit into your network, or for operations looking to make a step change in performance. The transformation is typically 24 weeks. As part of this deployment, you will receive post implementation support, or aftercare, for a period of six months following project completion.

The Journey
The Journey is designed to address more than one operation in your network. The Journey gives us the ability to realize economies of scale that we can pass on to you. More importantly, this option enables us to design a change program that fits your long-term vision and allows alignment within your network. A typical Journey timeframe is 12 months. During that period, change management projects are executed across the network. We will work with you to identify and prioritize projects. We plan the program and agree on a series of milestones to track results and progress. An aftercare period of 12 months is built into the package to enable the proper follow-up to guarantee sustainable progress and to ensure the program continues to garner results.

Myrtle implements these improvements alongside its clients’ internal operations staff and continuous improvement teams. Myrtle mentors and coaches shop-floor operators and company executives until all operational improvements are fully internalized, behaviors are modified, and intended results are achieved. Most importantly, our clients’ employees will confidently sustain improvement gains upon Myrtle’s departure due to our rigorous mentoring.

Regardless of your needs, timeline or budget, Myrtle’s flexible approach allows us to pinpoint the opportunities to maximize ROI and achieve maximum long-term benefit for your business.