This marks year three for Houston-based Myrtle Consulting Group as one of the profession’s Best Small Firms to Work For. After debuting at No. 13 in 2015, the firm has skyrocketing all the way up to No. 3 last year. This year, the climb continues as Myrtle hits No. 2.

Edwin Bosso, CEO of Myrtle Consulting Group, says being one of the Best Small Firms to Work For has made a big impact on the firm. “Even as we continue to grow at a rapid pace, it’s incredibly satisfying that we are maintaining a culture and environment where employees enjoy coming to work, are happy to be a part of our firm and love their jobs,” Bosso says. “This award has helped us significantly in our recruiting efforts.”

In addition, Bosso says the recognition lends credibility to the work Myrtle does for clients. “Clients can see that our employees are happy in their roles and with our firm and that says a lot about our team and values, as well as the passion for and quality of the work we do.”

At the beginning of the year, the firm laid out a strategy for reaching $100 million in revenue by 2025, Bosso says. “We know what we need to do to achieve that number and are laser focused on executing the steps to meet that goal,” he says. “The focus on our people and processes is a big piece of that puzzle. Making sure that our employees have strong career development plans will help them grow professionally and ultimately, contribute to growing our business.”

It’s not surprising that Bosso says morale at the firm is high. One of the driving factors behind the morale, he says, is the fact that the team consistently meets performance objectives and sales goals. “We’ve made commitments to provide bonuses to employees and reward them when they perform well,” Bosso says.

To that end, the entire firm recently returned from a company meeting in Montego Bay as a way of thanking employees for their hard work and commitment to clients.

As far as market opportunities, Bosso says “We’ve seen a transition this year around project size, which in most cases, has doubled.” Myrtle started with winning projects in the $1.5 million to $2 million range, but have been winning engagements in the $4 million range. “It reflects more than revenue goals,” he says. “We feel it’s a testament to the value we are delivering to clients, who are expanding their scope of work with us.”

The firm has also made investments in Canada and continues to invest in the United States. “The potential to hit the milestones we’ve identified along the path to $100 million, is something I look forward to every day,” he says. “Growing our team by recruiting and then developing junior consultants is also something I get excited about when I look ahead.”

Q&A: Were there any specific initiatives that contributed to you being a Best Small Firm to Work For?  

Bosso: “This year, we created a special department focused on a commitment to further develop our team by providing new skills and opportunities for professional growth. We created the ‘People and Quality’ function. We are committed to not just talk the talk. Our employees see these investments and the importance we place on helping them thrive in their roles, lives and careers, and that is encouraging.”