Executive Summary | Research Study

The Covid-19 pandemic surged at a time when great transformation was already under way. The pace at which the business landscape is changing has accelerated tenfold in 2020, and it is now a make-or-break time for leaders, who will succeed or fail based on their ability to promptly pivot and take action for the journey forward.

Creating successful and agile organizations in a time of unprecedented challenges

In July 2020, Chief Executive Group and Myrtle Consulting Group partnered to survey more than 300 CEOs and C-Suite executives on how they were preparing for the road ahead. This report presents our findings along with actions leaders can take today to create sustainable organizational change and overcome some of the trickiest leadership challenges we all face.

Of the 326 CEOs surveyed,


are currently going through changes


said those changes were either full-scale transformations or significant changes

Top 4 Challenges Executives Face

1. Planning for Limited Capabilities and Resources

2. Forecasting Cost and ROI Considerations

3. Proper Scope Definition and the fear of Not Doing Enough

4. Overcoming (or Avoiding) Employee Resistance

“As long as you have willing employees that want to learn and want to improve, they can grasp and will grasp the way of doing things today and the way of doing things tomorrow.”

—John Amalfe, CEO, Momentum USA