Who is Myrtle?

We drive operational transformation from the boardroom to the front line.

We are operations consulting experts dedicated to reinventing success for manufacturing and distribution companies. We specialize in creating operational efficiencies and smart solutions that generate sustainable results and big economic returns. Our work encompasses production, maintenance, sanitation, planning management systems and material movement. Our client portfolio includes the world’s largest brewer, the world’s largest food company, three of the four top beverage companies, the largest producer of bottled water, and two of the four largest cereal makers. Comprised of a highly experienced and passionate team, we work alongside our clients to achieve operational and financial performance by crafting and implementing flexible hands-on solutions that deliver value and profitability.

With so many consulting firms out there, why choose Myrtle? Here are three compelling reasons:

  1. It’s about you, not us. – Myrtle understands that you’re looking to move the needle on efficiency and profitability, so we stand beside you, knee-deep in your operational challenges where we can see the obstacles, opportunities and eccentricities. From there, we craft solutions that deliver sustainable results long after we’ve left the building.
  2. We offer a true partnership. – Many consulting companies bring their best and brightest, introduce a plan or process, and exit the stage. At Myrtle, we stick with you until you achieve your goals. Your operational goals are our goals, and we seek to build, a value-creating relationship with you that lets you sustain success over the long-term.
  3. Diverse resources to meet your needs. – Myrtle’s consultants come from varied backgrounds, cultures and academic institutions, but share a common passion for transforming your operational performance.

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